A Two Part Essential Immersion

This two part program is designed to take a deeper look at Yoga with Director of Holy Cow Yoga Center, Trace Sahaja Bonner.  Many times we begin the practice of Yoga on the mat, and after some time we begin to see some transformation occurring.  Maybe we feel better in the body want to learn the deeper aspects of the poses themselves.  Or, feel an overall sense of ease emerging from within that sparks a desire to know more about yourself.  If you are in either of these places, then this program may give you your next step on this journey.  

If your interest is in the poses, then join us for Part One: Deepening the Practice.  We will explore some key alignment cues for your practice on the mat and we will break down the elements of poses that will give us a boost of awareness to deepening our practice on the mat.  (mon - wed - fri evening, May 14 - 18)

If your interest is in the meditative field then join us for Part Two: Living the Practice. We will explore the spiritual components of the practice such as the breathing and meditation.  We will also look at the philosopical text of Yoga and see how it help us live more conscious, aware and connected lives.   (mon - wed - fri evening, June 11 - 15)

Join me for one or both of these fun and informative one week evening programs. Open to all levels.

Part One:  May 14 - 18, 2018 (Mon, Wed, Fri evening 7:00pm - 9:45pm) 

A program that explores the practice on the mat.  We will cover the following topics:

     1.  Prana & Apana - the balance of dualities

     2.  Legs and Arms - the alignment of body

     3.  Spinal Movement - action of body

     4.  Intention of Heart - setting our attitude

     5.  Breath & Movement - finding flow

     6.  Hatha History - our lineage

Part Two: June 11 - 15, 2018 (Mon, Wed, Fri evening 7:00pm - 9:45pm) 

A program that explore the mental and more philosophical aspects.  We will cover the following topics:

     1. Take a Seat - the art of sitting comfortably

     2. Take a Breath - the healing aspects of the ancient practice

     3. Branches of Yoga - the paths of practice

     4. The Royal Path - philosophical approach for awakening

     5. The Obstacles to Staying Awake - the pitfalls to the practice

     6. Rituals & Chanting the Sacred - the path of the heart


The Result: Upon completion of both Programs, you are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from Holy Cow Yoga Center/500 Hour Training School. For those participating to enrich their practice and knowledge, you'll find that this experience will give you the opportunity to reach new heights within your Yoga practice. This program is an excellent prepartory for our Foundational Teacher Training program.

These programs can be taken either together or separate.  Choose one or the other, or both.  One is not necessary to take the other.  

Part One: Deepening the Practice

Cost is $75

Manual supplied

Part Two: Living the Practice

Cost is $75

Manual supplied

Yoga Sutra book (optional) cost is $17.95 + tax

Take both programs for $125

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Deepening (May 14 - May 18)  Living (June 11 - 15)