The training will cover the following specifics:

• Child-friendly Yoga poses, partner poses, songs, games, crafts and activities

• The benefits of Yoga for children

• Breathing exercises to help children calm themselves

• Relaxation and visualization techniques

• How to sequence a class and incorporate age-appropriate themes

• Tools needed to manage behavior and scattered energy in the classroom

• Hands-on practice with others learning how to assist children to keep them safe in the poses

• How to structure and market yourself as a teacher in the community

• How to bring out your inner child!

Cost is $175

(includes Training Manual)  


Jill Keefer began practicing Yoga in 2000 and became a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher in 2011. Shortly after, she received her Kids Yoga Teacher Certification at Holy Cow Yoga through Yeng Yoga, Yoga Education for the Next Generation. She has been teaching Kids Yoga at Holy Cow since 2012 and also offers an Early Teen Monthly Workshop. Jill also taught Yoga in the Charleston County Public Schools for four years. She holds an additional Kids Yoga certification through Yoga Kidz. Jill has 3 children, which immediately drew her to teaching Kids Yoga. She is inspired by the amazing spirit and energy of children and loves to share her practice with kids of all ages. Jill brings a fun and creative practice to keep children engaged and centered. She hopes introducing kids to the practice of Yoga will inspire them to take the skills they learn off the mat and into the world in order to face the challenges of life with a balanced body, a calm breath and a clear mind!

You do not have to be a Registered Yoga Teacher to complete this Training.

It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in sharing Yoga with children. Upon completion, you will be certified to teach Children's Yoga. Students must be present for the entire training to earn certification.

For 200-hour teachers, 14.25 hours of Advanced Studies credit is earned.

Weekend Schedule

Friday 6:45pm - 9:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Holy Cow Yoga Center presents



with Jill Keefer

FEBRUARY 16 - 18

We are excited to offer a Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Jill Keefer!    

Jill brings years of experience to share the fundamentals of teaching to this wonderful demographic. Theprogram allows anyone with a desire to teach children ages 6 - 14, such as parents, school teachers, social workers, to learn the skills necessary to guide them creatively and safely through a Yoga class.

Jill combines breaking down the classes with strategic themes that inspire children as well as the poses themselves to look at their foundations and anatomy.