Living Your Yoga Program

An Essential Immersion

This program is designed to take a deeper look at Yoga.  Many times we begin the practice of Yoga on the mat, and after some time we begin to see some transformation occurring.  Maybe we feel better in the body.  If you are in the this space, then this program may give you your next step on this journey.  We will explore not only some key alignment cues for your practice on the mat, but also we will look at the breathing and meditation practices.  We look at the philosopical text of Yoga and see how it help us live more conscious and connected lives.   Join me for this fun and informative two week program. Open to all, however some Yoga experience is highly recommended.

We will cover the following areas: 

History of Yoga - Where did it originate, who were the main proponents and what are      the different branches?

Practice on the Mat - We explore through lecture and practice how to deepen our work on the mat.

Meditation and Breathing Techniques - What is meditation and the techniques to help us center the mind?

Yoga Philosophy - Yoga is about living consciously, and it is texts from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras that help us learn a step by step approach.                 

Living Spiritually - Through the practical teachings we begin to understand how we relate to the world of constant change and use this wisdom to transform our daily lives.          

The Participant: The ancient teachings of Yoga were once handed down from teacher to student, only when the student was ready. We believe that lineage is still important, and for that reason we encourage participants to have a a current steady Yoga practice before embarking on this program.

The Result: Upon completion of the Living Your Yoga Program, you are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from Holy Cow Yoga Center/500 Hour Training School. For those participating to enrich their practice and knowledge, you'll find that this experience will give you the opportunity to reach new heights within your Yoga practice. This program is an excellent prepartory for our Foundational Teacher Training program.


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Cost: $175

Program includes two books, one manual, and complimentary yoga during the program dates!    

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