Tim Feldmann

APRIL 6 - 8, 2018


Holy Cow Yoga Center is honored to host, for the 4th time, international Yoga teacher, Tim Feldmann, co-owner of Miami Life Center with his wife Kino MacGregor. Although Tim travels around the world sharing his take on traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice, he is also grounded in the teachings of Yoga and anatomy of the body which makes his workshop open and available to everyone. Come to the entire weekend or one of his sessions and let your practice soar!


The Breath of Pleasure & Pain – the anatomy of our craving mind

7:00pm -9:00pm

Part movement - part breathing - part lecture...Tim Feldmann begins our weekend with inquiry and practice.  Are you curious about how yoga works? Are you curious about how your mind and body operates below the conscious moment? Then this class is for you. Yoga considers suffering the foundational paradigm of living and Yoga Sastra (teaching) also tells us whatever is ‘sweet in the beginning is bitter at the end’ and vice versa. How are we suppose to understand this pessimistic outlook on life? Through yogic breathing we have the opportunity to get a personal hands-on experience of understanding this and other deep teaching from the ancient yogis. When we embody the underlying layers of yogic teachings, applying it to our lives becomes a natural gravitation. All levels welcome.  Individual class cost: $50


Led Half Primary class

7:45am - 9:15am

Tim introduces us to the Primary Series by leading a half primary (36 poses)  This practice is pulled directly from the traditional Ashtanga, which enlivens the body by keeping meter and pace through breath, dhristi (gaze) and bandhas (locks).  Some Yoga experience recommended. Individual class cost: $40


What makes Primary…Primary  - Foundational postures of the Primary Series

10:30am - 1:30pm

After a break from the morning class, Tim returns to share aspects of the primary series called yoga chikitsa (therapy).  Our practice is meant to heal and strengthen our body and mind, preparing ourselves for a deeper and more subtle asana exploration.  This workshop focuses on technique, proper alignment and anatomical insights will help you understand how your body moves and how to progress to a next level of your aptitude. We set up for a detailed experience of these foundational postures, slowly peeling the layers that obstructs our view and motion required to find the freedom and power from the practice. Some Yoga experience recommended.

Individual class cost: $70

Sunday am

Led Primary & More   **we are starting at 7am now and ending at 10am

7:00am - 10:00am

We begin with a lecture of the power of our practice...and then dive into "the Practice".  Once again beginning with the classic Primary Series in honor of the ashtanga yoga’s living lineage that dates back nearly five thousand years in a unbroken line of teachers, sages and gurus.  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois leaves this lineage to his grandson R. Sharath Jois and every ashtanga practitioner today.  We end with  "the More" part with breathing and meditation.  Some Yoga experience recommended.  Individual class cost: $70

Cost for the entire weekend: Early registration through March 20: $200

After March 24: $230

You can also take individual classes, price listed next to class

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Tim Feldmann

"The body is the way to our spirit, to our true Self. That's what asana is for"

Tim Feldmann is the director of Miami Life Center, the yoga shala he founded with his wife Kino MacGregor and runs with Matt Tashjian. He was set on the yoga path by his first teacher Lino Miele and is Authorized to teach directly by the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Method, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and his grandson, R. Sharath Jois. A practitioner of the Advanced A series Tim is dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga's traditional method. A near fatal falling accident in 1992 led Tim on the yogic path. His teaching integrates extensive studies of F.M. Alexander Technique and sitting meditation with 20 years of experience as a professional dancer and an internationally acclaimed choreographer. His in-depth knowledge of functional anatomy, alignment as well as the idiosyncratic body and mind in stillness and in motion creates the platform upon which his solid understanding of the Ashtanga method rests. Tim's humorous, straight forward yet profound teaching style makes him a cherished teacher, traveling extensively throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. For more info please visit: www.timfeldmann.com and www.miamilifecenter.com

Workshop held at:

Holy Cow Yoga Center

10 Windermere Blvd.

Charleston, SC  29407



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