Advanced Training Modules

Our Modules were created to give the teacher or experienced student a deeper understanding of Yoga asanas, philosophical teachings, anatomy as it relates to more advanced asanas and other aspects of yoga.  We offer 3 modules a year in rotation in sequential order, and taught primarily by Trace Sahaja Bonner & Kat Hendrix.  Those taking the modules as part of the Advanced Studies Program must complete each module or equivalent study.  

The hours for the weekends are usually Saturday 11:00am - 5:00pm ( one hour lunch break) and

Sunday 8:00am - 1:00pm (short morning break)

Vinyasa Teacher Training Day

April 8

Vinyasa means to flow, link or move with the breath.  But, first we must have a platform or sequence to explore how to be in the flow of the breath.  Learning to flow in our postures is relative to stepping into the flow of what is...learning that each breath invites us to be present and in the now of what is.  The hardest part of our lives seems to be going with the natural movement of life itself...the flow.  Join Trace Sahaja Bonner for a day immersion of learning what makes a class flow and the skill of teaching a flow class.  We will not only learn several sequences and what makes a good sequence for either teaching in a classroom or our home practice, but also explore dhristi (the ability to focus), breath and tools for arising, abiding and dissolving in the vinyasa of life.  This program is geared toward teachers, but is open to all.

When:     Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm (30 min break for lunch)

Where:    Holy Cow Yoga Center


Cost:     Early Registration is $85 (through March 31)

              Late Registration is $120 (after April 1)


Register Online: click here

Trace Sahaja Bonner is the Founder/Director of Holy Cow Yoga Center. She began her practice over 24 years ago, and is a certified advanced Integral Yoga Instructor (influenced by Sri Swami Satchidananda). Having studied in India and the U.S., Trace Sahaja continues to draw from a variety of great teachers in the west. She continues to take workshops with a host of contemporary Yoga teachers and deepen her personal understanding of Yoga. Yoga is about having fun with the journey, so she enjoys bringing her lighthearted teaching style to all levels of yoga classes, teacher training’s, as well as in workshops on meditation, advanced studies and the Yoga Sutras.  She is also creator of DVD Sahaja Vinyasa in 2009.